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APP publishes in three broad areas: mass market fiction/non‑fiction, business and personal. Each area has its own needs, and as such we field a team tailored to each publication.

We believe in working in collaboration with our authors to help publish a book we are all proud to be associated with. So our first question is always to find out what you, our authors are hoping to achieve. We then discuss our ideas in combination with your response and our expertise in the publishing and bookselling market.


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Our publishing process covers:

Editing: We strongly believe that every manuscript benefits from judicious editing and proof reading. We use a number of qualified editors to ensure a manuscript achieves its full potential. But even before editing, you may wish to use our Literary Critique service to have your manuscript professionally assessed for strengths and weaknesses within your genre before too much time and resources are committed to the publishing and promotion process. See our video here.Design & Production: APP undertakes a bespoke design service. We will also design posters and invites for book launches, producing eye-catching publicity material. Where appropriate we will ensure legal clearance and assign ISBN numbers before producing your work. We publish traditional print books as well as eBooks for Kindle and all other eReaders, and we have access to national and international distribution facilities.
See our video here.
Promotion: We can offer help and advice on how to promote your work. Our publicists are selected to reflect the genre and potential readership of your book, and we tailor a package to suit the project, using a wide range of media, from bricks and mortar bookshops and online booksellers, to social networking and niche user sites. Once an ISBN is assigned all our titles are listed on Amazon and other major online bookseller sites.
See our video here.
Marketing: Our talented digital marketing team design campaigns across social media and the web to achieve what matters to you most - growing audiences, engaging with customers, and generating sales.Contracts: We offer a complete and
transparent service so that all negotiations on publishing and subsidiary rights are easy to understand and equitable to both the author and publisher.

bespoke jackets and
interior designs

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The APP team is a formidable blend of experience and expertise. Particularly adept at working to tight deadlines and even tighter budgets, you can be comfortable that the people who work with you will have just the right mix of skills.

Janet WeitzPublishing DirectorFellow of the IoD, Janet hasbeen running a book publishinghouse for eight years. Inaddition to commercial acumenand management skills, Janet’sediting skills, flair for recognisinggreat writing and her wide andeclectic reading experience makeher the ideal person to critiqueand hone authors’ work.Jo James
Marketing Consultant
Having spent the last twentyfour years working throughoutall aspects of the book tradefrom small independents toworld-wide chains. Jo’s eventand marketing backgroundbrings a wealth of experienceto the company, particularlyin dealing with publishers,authors, event management,bookshops and the media.

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